Why Remove Things For A Bed Bug Treatment?

Before a of any kind can be done successful companies will require at least some form of prep work to be done. Prep work is defined as preparing your personal items for a . If a pest control company tells you that they do not require prep work at all, you best find another that does. Prep is extremely essential for success from bed bug treatments. If it is not done there will be a much larger chance that will survive a treatment for .

Bed bug hiding nest to its shed skin in Owasso, Oklahoma.
Bed bug hiding nest to its shed skin in Owasso, Oklahoma.

Why remove cloths and other fabrics like bedding?…

Question: Why do you have to prep and remove fabrics throughout your home?

Answer: Fabrics can cause cold spots that would allow to survive the heat treatment. Fabrics are the number one cause of bed bugs surviving a heat treatment for bed bugs. Chemically treated areas for bed bugs will need fabrics removed as well. It is illegal to let clients leave their clothes, bedding and other fabrics inside of the areas being chemically treated. The reason being is that chemicals cannot get onto things you wear, sit on or sleep with. Where do chemicals say this at? It’s located within the label. Always follow chemical insecticide labels. Every chemical insecticide has labels that tell you how to safely apply the insecticide and follow the law, because it is the law.

What correctly sealed off prep bags should look like for a bed bug treatment.
What correctly sealed off prep bags should look like for a bed bug treatment.

Why remove some hard items for a treatment?…

Question: Why do some hard items or personal items need to be removed for a treatment?

Answer: If personal items can melt, explode, catch fire or be damaged they will need to be prepped and removed from the premises for those reasons.. No body wants damage to their belongings or their home and that’s what these items can cause. This does not mean every item in a home is to be removed. It only refers to some items needing removed and we teach you which personal items they are. We have a prep list for you to follow plus we teach you how to do the prep during our initial inspection.


When we have you remove personal items in a home there’s a reason for it. Every single item will have a reason or reasons for it to not be left inside of a home being treated for bed bugs. The type of used will determine the amount of prep to be done. We teach you how to do the prep work during our inspection then give you a simple list to follow to make it even easier and less stressful for you and your family.

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