Do I have to throw furniture away for a bed bug treatment?

We are Oklahoma's best service pest control company. During our over many years we have gained lots of knowledge doing those services. We then pass that knowledge onto you in short articles, like this one, for you to read. This article will be explaining if you need to throw away any items or furniture inside your home or business, when you get a service or a treatment service performed.


Do not remove any items or furniture from your home before speaking to one of our bed bug specialists or your chosen pest management professional. You could be causing more damage than helping the situation by acting before consulting any professional pest control help. This in turn will end up costing you more money.

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: To toss or not toss that is the question

Fact or Fiction: Throwing away furniture will increase your chances of a successful bed bug treatment?

This is a subject that can be bad or good for your bed bug infestation depending upon the situation that is involved with your particular bed bug invasion. So really it's neither fact nor fiction! The only downside to removing things or furniture that are infested with bed bugs, is the potential to drop or knock bed bugs off, while transporting it thru other parts of the home that are not currently infested with bed bugs. Other than bed bugs falling off while you transport it thru your home to throw away outside there's no downside to actually tossing infested furniture or personal items. Well of course there's eventually having to buy new things to replace the old things but we're not talking about that.

Bed bugs tend to lay eggs and shed skins as well as poop all in the same place.
Bed bugs tend to lay eggs and shed skins as well as poop all in the same place.

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Most chemical bed bug spray insecticide treatments will take more than one application that is usually spread apart by no less than 7-14 days normally. This is almost always the case with chemical bed bug treatments. It is rare to have a one and done chemical treatment unless the infested area is decluttered and infested items and furniture are thrown away. With a chemical only bed bug treatment service throwing infested items away can lessen the amount of chemical treatment appointments drastically. Bed bugs can most definitely be anywhere in your home including your homes walls, floors and ceilings. So do not think that just because you tossed your infested bed then sprayed the wall it was against, that you are safe now. Bed bugs are much harder to eliminate than that. The theory really comes down to the less things that are left to treat, the less chance of any bed bugs surviving that treatment. If there's no bed bug left present then said bed bug cannot infest your home. Now, saying all this we do not condone that you throw any of your hard unearned stuff away until speaking with us. In most cases we do heat bed bug treatment services for our clients. With a heat treatment it is all done in just one treatment anyways.

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There are usually two different reasons that people will throw bed bug infested furniture away before or even after a bed bug treatment. One reason is that the piece of furniture is so heavily infested that they believe it will continue harbor bed bugs. Causing their infestation to continue. The last reason is that bed bugs dedicated all over the piece of furniture causing stains. With a bed bug heat treatment the only one of those reasons that can apply is bed bug excrement straining the furniture. A treatment for bed bugs is the quickest way to eliminate all bed bugs and their eggs in just one appointment or treatment. Heat remediation differs from chemical bed bug treatments by only needing the one application while the chemical treatment needs many.

Our heat remediation bed bug treatment outside view of heater.
Our heat remediation bed bug treatment outside view of heater.


Throwing away any infested item can save you time and money when battling bed bugs. It is almost never the case though that we tell a client that a piece of furniture needs to be tossed. We normally only do that if it has become a health hazard from too much bed bug poop or excrement built up on it. Bed bugs tend to build on top of older shed skins, eggs and poop. Causing large black brownish stains when sprayed with any toe of chemical insecticide or cleaning solution. Bed bug poop or excrement ordinarily will NOT come out when cleaned or washed and for some people that's enough reason for them to toss it. It's not needed in most cases with a bed bug heat treatment service application followed by a non repellent chemical residual to protect your home after the heat treatment is completed.

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