Can you permanently ban bed bugs: If so, how?

Dealing with a bed bug infestation is incredibly stressful and unnerving. Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary, and now it's infested with uninvited visitors who feed on you. Although these blood suckers are flat and tiny, they aren't harmless. They will take over your home if left unaddressed and continue to feed on your blood at night. If you want to get rid of for good, you need to be proactive about treatment and prevention. Ultimately, calling a service is the best way to eradicate an infestation. But, there are also some things you can do to effectively ban bed bugs from your home permanently.

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Measures To Ban Bed Bugs, Overview:

Re-occurring Inspections:

🔎Conduct regular inspections of your home/business by yourself and also hire a professional bed bug technician or specialist to do the same. By being vigilant, you can detect any signs of bed bugs early on and take immediate action. Saving your money and sanity!

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Avoiding Infested Places:

🚫Be cautious when visiting locations where bed bugs may be present, such as movie theaters, emergency rooms, waiting rooms, hospital rooms, and other areas. By avoiding these places or taking precautions, such as using protective covers on seats, you can minimize the risk of bringing bed bugs into your home.

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Re-occurring Preventative Measures With Insecticides:

💦After any bed bugs or eggs have been eradicated from your home or business you can get regular prevention applied at least every 2-3 months to keep the biting bugs out. Non-repellent insecticides or biologicals need to be applied re-occurringly to keep bed bugs from getting a foot hold inside of your home or commercial building. Spraying one time for any insect will never protect forever. No different than sprays for ants, spiders or beetles. The type of insecticide used is very important as bed bugs can detect insecticide sprays and have grown resistant to many chemicals that claim to . Do not assume spraying insecticides yourself from Home Depot, Walmart, Lowe's or an equivalent store, is sufficient. It normally takes a professional experienced with the target bug, to ban them completely. Even if you do have the correct insecticide for the bug your targeting, it's no guarantee that it will completely protect your home or business. Knowing the exact places to chemically treat any insect, is extremely important for preventative measures. Without year's of knowledge there will normally be infested areas that will go unnoticed & you will continue to deal with the blood sucking insects. Find out how to schedule a Preventative Bed Bug Treatment Near Tulsa OK Areas. Remember that treating with insecticides no matter which kind will only protect for a short period of time. Usually 2-3 months is the amount of time chemical sprays for bed bugs will be able to continue to kill them. Some sprays will be an even shorter period of time. Natural plant based chemicals only protect for 24-72 hours total. So never use plant based chemicals to prevent bed bugs. They can tell it's there and it can cause the bugs to run away to other areas without the residual applied or just less thoroughly, until the applied insecticide becomes ineffective. Bed bugs can literally wait months for sprays to wear down and continue to survive. Even without eating a blood meal from you for that time. On top of that females will continue to lay eggs as well in odd areas. Bed bugs detecting and becoming resistant to death from chemical insecticides is a very big problem that just continues to get worse over time. Allowing anyone to buy and apply insecticides has caused them to become a super bug. Each new generation bed bugs will become more and more resistant to sprays that can hurt or kill them, when they are applied insufficiently. This is why heat remediation is so popular and known as the best way to quickly eliminate bed bugs. They cannot become resistant to heat completely and it doesn't take a human finding every single bug or egg to kill the entire infestation off. Of course knowledge influences success rates just like anything else when using .

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How to Ban Bed Bugs in Just 10 Steps, More In-Depth:

1. Watch for the First Signs of Infestation:

Bed bug bites usually appear as raised, red bumps in a zigzag pattern. Look for rust-colored or more prevalent black excrement spots on your bedding and check for a musky odor. Early detection helps in taking prompt action. Their poop is the quickest and easiest way to detect if they are present.

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2. Dry All Your Fabrics:

Heat is an effective killer of bed bugs. Use a clothes dryer on high heat for at least 60 minutes to treat infested items like clothes, bedding, towels, and stuffed animals. Ensure the items are completely dry to eliminate the pests. Use the dryer 1st, then if if you want to wash do normally. A dryer is much more effective at killing insects or eggs than a washer with hot water. Leave all covers or encasements on mattresses or box springs in place at all times. Never remove a bed bug encasement for at least 2 years from an active infestation that has been eliminated.

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3. Deep Clean and Vacuum:

Vacuum your mattress, box springs, bed frame, couches, and chairs thoroughly. Dispose of the vacuum contents immediately in a sealed trash bag and store the vacuum away from living spaces.

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4. Fill in Wall Cracks/Crevices:

Seal any cracks, crevices, or lifting wallpaper where bed bugs could potentially hide. Use plaster or caulk to fill in wall cracks and secure wallpaper edges with glue.

5. Declutter Your Home:

Clutter provides hiding spots for bed bugs. Declutter your living spaces, including cardboard boxes and trash near beds, couches, and chairs. Dispose of unnecessary items and keep belongings well-organized.

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6. Don't Keep Unused Items in Bedrooms or Living Rooms:

Store infrequently used items in sealed trash bags and move them to a garage, shed, or away from living spaces. Label infested items as "bed bugs" before disposing of them or just destroy the item so it's not salvageable. You'd be surprised what people will take from a sidewalk by a trash can even when labeled BED BUGS in big letters!

7. Steam Clean:

Steamers can kill bed bugs and their eggs. Use a steamer set to at least 150-160 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, and apply steam to couches, chairs and beds. These are areas that bed bugs will be in with most cases, especially early on in an infestation. Avoid high airflow settings. Adding a wash cloth to the end output of your steamers wand can help control the air flow and slow it down a bit so your not blowing the bugs or eggs away before death. Just use a hair tie or rubber band to secure the wash cloth to the wand on the steamer.

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8. Find a Pest Control Service Pro:

Engage the services of a professional pest control company with experience in bed bug treatments. They can provide thorough inspections and effective treatments to eliminate bed bugs. Preferably a bed bug specialist like , is exactly what your looking for. They'll have the experience and equipment to properly deal with your specific situation. Remember that not all homes or businesses can be protected exactly the same. Some will require more ingenuity & thought than others.

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9. Prepare Your House for Preventative Treatments:

Treating regularly with proper insecticides or the newer insecticide biological called: "Aprehend", is the absolute best way to ban bed bugs. The applied sprays protect your home or business even when bed bugs are brought inside and left behind. When insecticides are applied properly they can keep you from ever having to deal with most biting bugs infesting your dwelling or work place. Follow any preparation instructions provided by your pest control service before treatment. Make plans for your family and pets to be out of the home during the treatment. Plants are fine to leave behind during the service.

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10. Get Regular Inspections:

If you don't want to have preventive treatments for bed bugs using insecticides done regularly every 2-3 months, then do this. Schedule regular inspections of your home or business with a reputable pest control company or specialist to ensure early detection of any potential infestation. Staying proactive in maintaining a bed bug-free environment is the only way you can truly ban bed bugs.

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Remember this when trying to ban bed bugs:

While you can take preventive measures to minimize the risk of bed bugs, complete protection is best left to professionals. Seek the assistance of experienced bed bug control service companies or individuals in Tulsa to ensure the effective and long-term elimination of bed bugs. There are things you can do yourself, but using a professional is smart to better combat bed bugs from infesting your home or business as mentioned above. Good luck!

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