K-9 vs Human Bed Bug Inspections, Which Is Best?

Which is better, "k-9 bed bug inspections" or "human bed bug inspections"? Find out in this article!

K-9's trained to locate bed bugs will sit down & stay still,
K-9's trained to locate will sit down & stay still, "just like the dog in the image is doing", if bed bug activity is found.

Finding Bed Bugs With K-9's…

We all know that dogs have a sharp sense of smell. They have 100 times better smell than a human competitor searching for signs of bed bugs. They have been used to sniff out drugs, bombs, mold, human remains and so on for years. Because detection is sometimes difficult for humans, these dogs are a great source for finding out if you have bed bugs. A trained bed bug K9 can smell live insects and their eggs, as well as their excrement (poop) & shed skins left from their activity. A dog can locate even one bed bug when trained properly.
A trained and certified bed bug detection dog can detect the presence or absence of live bed bugs in a room within minutes.
They can detect bed bug odors around mattresses, furniture, walls and so on. In addition, they can search through an entire room in 2 to 3 minutes. With an accuracy of more than 98%, it's a good choice to find these annoying errors. A certified K-9 bedbug inspection service can calm your mind and prove that a house is without bedbugs. Also hotels, motels, hostels, nursing homes, stores plus many more places can use this type of service. Conversely, it may indicate a small area only needs treatment, thus eliminating the need for treatment throughout the entire structure.
When checking for bed bugs by K9, the dog announces the specific area where the bedbug may be located by sitting and being still. Then the dog handler will check for the presence of eggs or live bedbugs themselves to ensure that the dogs finding of bed bug activity is accurate. So even though a bed bug locating dog is being used a human must always confirm the findings are correct.

Still Need Human Bed Bug Professionals To Confirm…

Regardless of a dog searching for bed bugs a human always has the last say in the actual findings. Human trainers have to verify the findings of their K-9 to insure it wasn't a false hit by the bed bug sniffing dog. It would be great if only the dog alerting was enough, but it's not. The bed bug technician or specialist handling the K-9 always has to check every alert the dog gives. So there ends up being a human that inspects themselves even with the dog present, assuming the handler actually knows what they are doing plus understands bed bug activity. If a bed bug dog handler doesn't inspect at least the areas the animal has alerted bed bugs are present in, then they are lazy and probably not your best choice for any services in the future.

How do I prepare for a bed bug inspection + bed bug in image. Dead Bug Walkin LLC Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Pest Control. Oklahoma.
How do you prepare for your bed bug inspection with or other companies? You don't touch a thing! We need it as it normally is inside your home or business.

Finding Bed Bugs With Humans…

Professional bed bug specialists can find bed bug activity just as fast or even faster than a K-9, if the specialist for bed bugs is very experienced, like our bed bug specialists here at Dead Bug Walkin LLC Treatment Specialists Pest Control. Most times our specialist can find your residences bed bug signs in less than a minute. The only time it ever takes our bed bug specialist longer is when the infestation is brand new and it's literally only one or two bed bugs that are present. Even with a small amount of bed bugs a truly great bed bug specialist will still locate the activity quickly, no matter how small the number of actual bed bugs is. Things like fecal matter, shed skins and eggs make it much easier to find bed bug activity. When searching for the little blood sucking insects using their routines against them can help humans quickly locate bed bugs.

Depends On Experience…

Both K-9 and human bed bug inspections are good choices to find out if bed bugs are present in a home, store, church, doctor, etc.. It really just depends on experience and who is doing the bed bug inspection on whether or not success will be achieved. So choose carefully!


How much does it cost for a K-9 bed bug inspection compared to professional human bed bug inspection?

Adult female bed bug surrounded by her own eggs, baby's and fecal matter in image.
Adult female bed bug surrounded by her own eggs, baby's and fecal matter in image.

K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Cost…

K-9 inspections for bed bug activity can be expensive. Usually 3-4 times the cost of a professional human only bed bug inspection. Averaging around $300-$500 per bed bug inspection using a properly trained dog. I've never seen a free K-9 inspection before in my 20+ years of experience, so do not expect to find a free inspection for bed bugs with a trained dog.

Human Professional Bed Bug Inspection Cost…

There are many companies that claim to offer free bed bug inspections. These are done by a sales person. Don't be fooled by this, there's a reason it's free! They use it as a way to get their foot into the door because sales are much easier in person than over the phone. Most corporations and even some smaller businesses use this method. Again don't be fooled by the "free" inspection gimmick.

A paid bed bug inspection is always best, because every area will be searched and there is no pushy salesman using fear tactics to get a sale that they get a commission from.

We charge $100 for our inspections and most reputable businesses will charge anywhere from $50-$200 for a bed bug inspection from the companies technician or specialist for bed bugs. The difference between our inspections and other companies is the time and effort we put into our inspections for bed bugs. Our company, Dead Bug Walkin LLC, normally takes about 1-1.5 hours to complete our inspection because we thoroughly search your home to see exactly what your up against and the best way to go about treating the bed bug problem is discussed with you. We also go over all the prep that is required before we can treat your establishment or home while going from room to room with you. That way your completely comfortable with preparing for your treatment and understand both yours and our parts in the service to be rendered if bed bugs are found.


Both ways of inspecting for bed bugs are normally reliable when professionals are involved. K-9 inspections for bed bugs has its benefits and professional bed bug specialists or technicians doing bed bug inspections have their benefits too. It really just all comes down to the amount of experience that either professional brings to the table plus your ability to pay for the bed bug inspection service itself. K-9 bed bug inspections are expensive and human bed bug inspections are cheaper. This will be the largest contributing factors to which type of inspection would even be a possibility for your possible infestation of bed bugs. If you cannot afford a bed bug inspection by human or K-9, then you are in for a world of hurt if you actually do have bed bugs because the price tag from any company will be high, no matter the type of way the bed bugs are treated. All types of bed bug treatments end up costing the same amount by the time the bed bugs have been exterminated completely as well as their eggs. is a one and done treatment for bed bugs, while chemical insecticides or biologicals for bed bugs take several treatments spread out over either 2 weeks apart or 1 month apart. It just depends on the company you choose to do your bed bug treatment.

About Dead Bug Walkin LLC's Bed Bug Treatments…

With Dead Bug Walkin LLC Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists Pest Control you get all the ways of treating bed bugs mentioned in this article completed in just one appointment day. We use bed bug heat to kill every bed bug and egg present in your home then apply chemical insecticides plus a biological insecticide to protect your residence for after you've completed our heat for bed bugs. You'll be protected for 60 full days with a free warranty plus you can extend your warranty every 2 months for up to one year from your original bed bug treatment day for a small fee each 60 days. We are not afraid to back up our work with a warranty, plus we try to be as transparent with you as possible. Dead Bug Walkin wants you to understand every aspect of what we will be doing and what your role is in the process.

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