Where your bed bugs may have come from

U.S. one dollar bill with bed bug eggs, shed skins and excrement on it. Dead Bug Walkin LLC
U.S. one dollar bill with bed bug eggs, shed skins and excrement on it. LLC

Where your could be from…

With bed bug infestations on the rise across the world, you can be sure that you or someone close to you will come into contact with bed bugs in some way. That being a said, most infestations come from friends and relatives close to you and visa-versa. After you have found that you have bed bugs in your home and have eradicated them, your chance for re-infestation from those friends and relatives close to you, increases in percentage. As part of our bed bug treatments we teach you ways to keep your home from being re-infested by these little blood suckers. Family and friends are not the only way you can get bed bugs but is the most likely culprit. You can get bed bugs in any structure where people are coming and going. Stores, work, doctors offices, movie theaters and public transportation are just some of the ways you can transport bed bugs with you unknowingly back home or to a business. DBW has a proven way to protect you after you've been treated with a regimen and products that continue to work long after a .

Outside view of our bed bug heat treatment service in progress at our clients home in Sapulpa, OK.
Outside view of our heat bed bug treatment service in progress at our clients home in Sapulpa, OK.

Bed bug treatment services Tulsa OK Metro areas & N.E. OK…

Dead Bug Walkin' LLC is the very best when it comes to pest control service for bed bugs, especially treatments and treatments. Our service area is the Tulsa OK Metro Area and most of Northeast Oklahoma. We have an incredible amount of experience in how to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs in only 1 day. We've gained all of this experience through servicing for bed bugs literally every single day of the week except Sundays. Thousands of clients have had successful bed bug treatments through our proven process to eliminate bed bugs.

Inside view of our bed bug heat treatment in progress in our clients Tulsa OK home.
Inside view of our in progress in our clients Tulsa OK home.

Our bed bug treatment process…

Remediation heat (heating entire structures). We service, (professionally treat), your home or business with a bed bug treatment plus a chemical bed bug treatment with an undetectable insecticide, on the very same day to make the ultimate process to quickly kill your bed bugs for good. Our heat treatment for bed bugs is the best way to completely eliminate every single bed bug and their eggs inside of your residence with heat, all in one day. Then the we apply the very same day as the heat, will leave an undetectable insecticide residual that will kill any new bed bugs brought into your home post heat treatment. It is extremely important to get a NON-REPELLENT CHEMICAL for bed bugs applied to your beds, couches, chairs, surrounding furniture and your homes structure like walls, ceilings, and baseboards to name a few hiding spots. A non-repellent insecticide will protect your home or business from bed bugs in the future. Without this chemical your likely to be re-infested and have to do the whole process over again plus fork over hundreds to thousands of dollars in cost again. Remember though, not all chemicals for bed bugs are actually good to use. Many insecticides that state they are specifically for bed bugs will actually cause more harm than good. All chemicals from local chain stores will be what are called pyrethroids. Pyrethroids are man made repellents that bed bugs are now resistant to. That means that these types of chemicals do not fully work to unless they have some kind of preexisting condition and they were going to die soon anyways. These types of chemicals can also cause the infestation to spread to other areas of your home. Costing you even more money!

Our Contact Info…

Want more info? Like to speak to an actual bed bug specialist? Just want to schedule an appointment with us? Call or text message us at 918-710-7529.

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