Identifying Bed Bugs Made Easy.

Adult bed bug @ our clients Prague OK home
Adult bed bug @ our clients Prague OK home

Magnified 10x: Baby bed bugs are 1st transparent until they feed.
Magnified 10x: are 1st transparent until they feed.

How We've Made It Easy:

We have had many, many clients call us in a panic because they believe they have . Yes bed bugs are becoming more as more rampant in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and pretty much all of North Eastern Oklahoma for that matter, but is it really a bed bug or bed bugs that you think you have? Well, we may be able to help you with that. If you can take a clear closeup picture of the insect, you can actually send us the picture and we can identify it for you. Our specialists carry smart work phones with them at all times, identifying insects for you can be quick and easy. We try to do everything possible for you to make things easier on you, whether your our client or not.

We're Looking Out For You

Bed bug heat treatment

Send a photo of the insect you think is a bed bug to our specialist on duty for quick identification…

-Send all your identification pictures by text message to 918-710-7529.

-We will get an answer back to you as to your bugs identity in seconds!

Identifying Bed Bugs, Identifying Bed Bugs Made Easy.

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Another Way To Help You Identify Bed Bugs:

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