So, you think roaches, spiders and bed bugs aren't that tuff, do ya!


Roaches can live for a long time without even a head. They say anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, but honestly what, "they say", isn't always correct. We've seen roaches live for crazy amounts of time without water or food. One roach that we performed a test on to find out, was kept in a glass jar with nothing for 1.5 months and it finally died a few days after the 1.5 months rolled through.


Think you can just flush that spider and they'll drown? Nope. Spiders and lots of other insects can actually hold their breath for hours on end and survive to live another day somewhere else or right back up your toilet to bite you in the hiney for flushing them. Always, always completely crush an insect that you are either throwing into the trash or flushing down the toilet or they can survive. Especially bed bugs and roaches. They are the two that are bad to the bone when it comes to survival.

Bed bugs…

Think putting a bed bug infested bed, couch or chair outside will kill em off. Nope. Yes the outside can kill them but as long as they have harborage, most will survive. Harborage can be as little as a teeny tiny little flap of fabric, indention or bump. All they have to do is get mostly under it and it'll do the trick to help them survive. It doesn't get near enough cold here in Oklahoma to kill most insects in the winter time either. Plus if it does get cold enough, it doesn't stay cold for long enough, to get the kill. Even the hottest of the hot days will not kill bed bugs outside. Yes even in black items or trashbags. Cars also do not get hot enough to kill bed bugs completely. There will always be a space in a car that is low enough in temperature that they can use to survive.

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