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Removing is more difficult for anyone who hasn't had the honor of treating bed bugs thousands of times in a row as we have. With present days increase in national and multi-cultural travel, bedbug activity has spread rapidly. Bedbugs are hitch hikers and can be spread to almost anywhere a warm blooded host (that's you), is present regularly.
The sooner the bed bug activity is detected and you call a bed bug removal professional, the faster the bugs will be eliminated.

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Where bed bugs hide…

Their primary shelters are usually mattresses, box springs, bed frames, couches, chairs, wallpaper, picture frames and headboards, basically anywhere they can easily reach people that are remaining still for periods of time longer than 30 minutes usually.

Bed bugs hiding.

Bites & itching…

Itching and inflammation of the skin are the most common reactions to the anticoagulant bed bugs inject into their feeding site on your body. Not all people are allergic to the anticoagulant though, infact half the worlds population do not show an allergic reaction when fed upon.
Bedbugs easily get into clothes or luggage and then you take them home. Even the most expensive hotels are not immune. Every single hotel, motel, B&B, camp, hospital, doctors office, etc. has been or is currently infested most times. If the place hasn't experienced bed bugs yet, it will eventually, given the rampant amount of them spreading.

Instar, also called baby bed bug pictured.

About bed bugs…

Once bedbugs invade your home, it can be difficult to get rid of them due to their hiding habits, small size, and lack of experience with bed bug infestations. Their flattened bodies allow them to fit into small spaces.
Bed bugs are robust shades normally mahogany colored, but can be darker almost black, if the victim has high iron in their blood. They are about 3/8 inches long and are visible to the naked eye as adults. Surprisingly, they can live without food (your blood), for up to a year in prime conditions. Females lay eggs in batches of up to 200 eggs in their lifespan. They only need to mate once in their life to be able to lay eggs forever. The bedbug doesn't really live on your skin, they just drink your blood while you sleep, just like a mosquito would. You do not feel their bite, even though it penetrates the skin, but the bite often causes redness and inflammation. Approximately 50% of bedbug victims show no signs of bites. So there can be people sleeping in the same bed and one can have symptoms, while the other person in the bed doesn't. In most of these cases it takes even longer to figure out that it's a bed bug infestation and not fleas from whatever pet you have.

Bed bugs inside crevice.

Why it takes a pro…

Perfection is the only real way to get rid of bedbugs. Every crack and crevice must be treated. That includes your homes structure, not just furniture. As you may think, this means that removing the infected mattress will not completely solve the problem.
Since their rediscovery, over a decade & a half ago researchers have found that bed bugs are now more resistant to chemicals called pyrethroids. These insecticides commonly used for bed bugs are not effective. These are chemicals found in do it yourself stores and even grocery stores now. The removal of bed bugs requires special attention from a specialist who's dealt with them regularly. That means only bed bugs, like LLC, not other pests plus bed bugs. The more experience and knowledge your specialist has the better your outcome will be.

What do you do now?…

Our expert bed bug specialists inspection and assessment can detect bedbugs in the early stages of activity. If unwanted guests are found, treatment options such as heat treatment of bedbugs can be used and safe undetectable chemicals can also be used to protect after our heat treatment.

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Call or text…

918-710-7529 Speak with a bed bug specialist immediately and we'll get you set up for bed bug removal. Our Company services the Tulsa Metropolitan Area of Northeastern Oklahoma.

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