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. So you are thinking of getting a heat remediation bed bug treatment done for your infested home! Excellent choice for ridding your residence of the littler blood suckers in one day. There's a few things you will need to take into consideration when you are choosing a heat treatment company for . These things you'll be considering are crucial to whether bed bugs can make a run for it or survive a treatment. This educational writing piece can help you better understand what can happen to screw up a heat remediation treatment for bed bugs. As long as you read this whole article and do not just skim over the headings we can help you when choosing a pest control company to do your heat bed bug treatment and your own heat remediation experience will be a successful one. We will tell you how to get a heat treatment that will have a quick rise in temperature so bed bugs won't even attempt and make a run for it to find a way out of the areas exposed to high temps.

Bed bug that recently fed.​
Bed bug that recently fed.

1st what exactly is ?…

Heat remediation is when a structure and all it's contents, minus items that may be damaged or dangerous, are sealed off and heat is applied to the entire areas internal structure for no less than 1-2 hours for individual rooms or 4-8 hours for entire homes. This type of bed bug treatment requires large heaters to reach the required kill temperatures needed. The heaters will be propane, diesel or kerosene indirect or direct fired. Many expensive high temp fans are used to circulate the dry heat around the area being treated for bed bugs. If enough fans are not used in the heat bed bug treatment it will ultimately fail.

Our bed bug heat treatment service in action at our clients home North of Tulsa OK.

Our service in action at our clients home North of Tulsa OK.

What about electric bed bug heaters?…

Electric heaters for bed bugs should never be used as a stand alone heater for bed bugs. They should only bed used in conjunction with propane, diesel or kerosene heaters. Their BTU amount is usually not sufficient to heat an area quickly enough to the required kill temp.

Electric bed bug heater shown in image.​
Electric bed bug heater shown in image.

What else should I know about a heat bed bug treatment?…

Just like anything else in the world there's always going to be a possibility for heat treatments for bed bugs to fail. It's not usually going to be because of equipment failure but rather insufficient equipment or human error. Humans are what cause bed bug heat treatment failure in about 99.9% of cases. If we're being honest most treatment failures occur because of insufficient prep work done by the home or business owner. The prep work required for any bed bug treatment is the most important part of the bed bug treatment service. We, " LLC", teach our clients how to do their prep work when we come for our pre-inspection. We go from room to room explaining what you will do or not do with all of your homes items. The same process is done for businesses as well. Making sure that you understand exactly what you will be doing and what we will be doing is essentially vital for your bed bug services' success. All truly experienced bed bug specialists know this.

Fabric items like clothes, towels, blankets and bedding​ will all be put into trash bags and sealed off like these. The fabrics will go thru a dryer 1st on high heat for 1 hour to kill any bed bugs.
Fabric items like clothes, towels, blankets and bedding will all be put into trash bags and sealed off like these. The fabrics will go thru a dryer 1st on high heat for 1 hour to kill any bed bugs.

Experience is the key to success…

Experience servicing for bed bugs on a regular basis is always the key to have a successful bed bug treatment no matter what type of treatment it is. Dead Bug Walkin LLC currently only services for bed bugs. That means our bed bug specialists deal only with bed bugs every single day. This gives our specialists more experience than any other bed bug treatment service company in Oklahoma. When writing this article our pest control company has performed over 2500 successful bed bug treatment services to date. 

Other pest control companies…

Most pest control companies employees are not bed bug specialists. Instead they use normal pest control technicians. These technicians have an area that they service for their employer called a route. They service for any type of insect that would need pest control. Pest control technicians that are not bed bug specialists will normally only do about 3 or 4 bed bug treatments a month. Our specialists for bed bugs perform about 20-30 successful bed bug treatments a month. That's a huge difference in experience. Our knowledge of bed bugs and bed bug treatments is what separates our company from the bad companies and it will be there same fort any other successful bed bug service too. We back up our heat bed bug treatment service with a free 60 day warranty that can be extended every 3 months for up to one year from the time of the initial heat treatment. This is also something you will need from your own service provider if you are unable to use our bed bug heat services. 

Temperature of heat treatments…

Bed bug heat treatment temperatures should remain between 140-150 degrees while being circulated by high temp fans to evenly distribute the heat. Anything lower than 140 degrees is taking a chance on having cold spots. Anything above 160 degrees can damage items or even the home itself.

Interior view of our clients Tulsa OK home during our heat remediation for bed bugs.
Interior view of our clients Tulsa OK home during our heat remediation for bed bugs.

Warranties for bed bug heat treatments…

If a pest control company does not guarantee or warranty their whole home bed bug treatments then they arent even confident that they can eliminate your bed bug infestation. If they aren't confident in themselves then that should be a huge red flag. 

Look out for false bed bug warranties…

We honor our warranties even if you bring bed bugs back in after we have completed our initial heat bed bug treatment service. Not all companies do this. As a matter of fact most do not. Alot of other pest managment will use this as their way to void your warranty. Since it's nearly impossible for every day layman's such as home owners to know exactly how their bed bugs came back in they have no argument that can stand on its own legs. If we are being honest though it is almost always the case that bed bugs are brought back into a home and not that a bed bug heat service failed. It's actually easier than you think to know if a heat treatment failed or not. You will actually know upon your return home. Failed treatments will always have several bed bugs left alive. Not just one or two or even five but dozens of bed bugs will still be left alive. Any bed bug specialist worth their salt will be doing a full inspection of the entire structure before stamping the service as completed. So this should literally never be the case that a heat treatment failed unless the specialist isn't doing their full job. Dead Bug Walkin LLC always does an exit inspection before loading up our equipment to leave. 


If you will implement all of the advice above when choosing a bed bug heat treatment service company, you will not only get a successful treatment but save money and sanity in the process. The price home and business owners pay for bed bug treatments and heat bed bug treatments is expensive, so make your 1st choice the right choice and avoid the headaches from bed bug infestations.

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