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- service for Bartlesville, Oklahoma areas.

-Heat service for the Bartlesville, Oklahoma area.

-Northeast Oklahoma specialists LLC.

-Our pest control service kills every last bed bug and their eggs in 6-8 hours with both a and a bed bug chemical treatment used at the same time, all in one appointment. Free 60 day warranty is included. Starting treatment costs at $400. Free estimates by phone, "text message or call". Our phones are answered by bed bug specialists only!

What type of service do we do?…

. LLC uses with clean dry heat to kill all and their eggs in one appointment. Remediation is when a structures entire interior is heated to a kill temp between the temperatures of 125-150 degrees F. We leave the heat and high temp fans directing the air running for no less than 60-90 minutes per infested room. We bring the clean dry heat in through a window or door. Our heaters stay outside the entire treatment. We use large indirect fired diesel heaters that separate fumes from the dry heat before it is pushed through conduit into whatever sealed off area is being treated for . Our fans are placed in specific places to insure every inch of your home, furniture and belongings has the appropriate amount of temperature and time applied to it. Each home or business is different so each heat will need to be tailored for success. We do not perform steam heat treatments! Heating with steam is when a small 3-6 inch plastic tool that spouts out extremely hot steam air that is used to on mattresses, box springs, couches and chairs inch by slow inch. Every single bed bug and bed bug egg must be found and steamed for success with this type of . If are on your homes structure or furniture besides your couches, chairs and beds it will need to be steamed as well. With larger bed bug infestations steam is not a viable option to quickly rid a home or business of bed bugs. Steam heat treatments can take 2-4 treatments or appointments to eliminate bed bugs. We are a one and done pest control heat for bed bugs family business mostly, but we also specialize in chemical only bed bug treatments too.

Our bed bug heat treatment service in action at our clients home in Northeast Oklahoma.
Our service in action at our clients home in Northeast Oklahoma.

How long do our bed bug treatments take to complete?…

Our heat remediation treatments will normally take 6-8 hours to complete an entire home, then there will be a 2-3 hour dry and cool down time. Each bed bug infestation will be somewhat different, so your homes time it takes to complete a treatment could be different than what the times are above. Most of the time 6-8 hours is correct though. Chemical bed bug treatment completion times for us are even shorter. We usually will take 2 to 4 hours to complete a chemical only bed bug treatment. Then their will be a 2-4 hour dry time as well.

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