Can bed bugs feed or be active during the daytime?

Bed bugs, their excrement and bed bug eggs hidden on a mattress cover.
Can feed or be active during the daytime? The answer is somewhat complicated but in short, yes they can.

Bed bugs are primarily nocturnal insects and are most active during the night. However, they can also come out during the day to feed if they are hungry and haven't had access to a blood meal in a while. This what most articles on the internet will tell you. They are somewhat correct but not fully correct. Let's explain!

Answer to, "Can bed bugs feed during the day?":

In all actuality, it just depends on where bed bugs are hiding at or upon, on whether they will feed during the day or at night.


An example would be a couch. Most people only use their couch or chair during the daytime or evening hours mostly. Hence, the bed bugs hiding on the couch or chair will mostly only be able to feed during daytime hours. It would be the same for a bed in a bedroom. Most people only use beds to sleep in at night. Hence, bed bugs are only able to get a meal at night when hiding on a bed.

Don't let the "bed" in "bed bugs" fool you:

Don't let the "bed" in "bed bugs" fool you! They can literally be anywhere in your home, especially if they are accidentally transported on items your moving from room to room. Which is normally how they get from room to room but they can also just slowly crawl to different areas. Bed bugs can feed or be active during anytime if the day or night. All it takes is for a host (you) to be present long enough for them to sneak on you and feed as your unaware, that they are even drinking blood from your body. This is the reason that most of an infestation will be fairly close to couches, chairs and beds. It's purely for the speed of being able to get a blood meal. They need to feed in order to grow and reproduce. Not all will be close but most will. There are all kinds of factors that can cause them to flee an area in search for a new hiding spot, but they will always return for that blood meal.

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2 Bed bugs.

More about when bed bugs will come out:

Bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide and warmth that humans emit, so they will come out to feed whenever they sense the presence of a potential host. However, they prefer to feed when it's darker, when their host is sleeping, or just not paying attention, as this makes it easier for them to feed undisturbed. Not paying attention can be as easy as things like watching tv, reading, looking at your phone, talking with others, etc., etc..

Don't waste your time and money:

If you suspect that you have a bed bug infestation, it's important to consult with a professional who can help you develop an effective treatment plan. Read: What's the biggest mistake homeowners make when they get bed bugs?

We've seen thousands of families in the Tulsa Metro cost themselves more money, plus their sanity by attempting DIY bed bug treatments. Rarely will you get lucky and find an infestation immediately after it's started and basically only in one or two areas. It's normally 3-6 months into an infestation before most families or business owners even realize they actually have bed bugs. Let alone the fact that it's impossible for non-pros to find every single bed bug and egg hidden in your home or business.

, Can bed bugs feed or be active during the daytime?

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