Why Bed Bug Bombs And Foggers Are Bad Ideas?

In this educational writing we will explain why bed bug bombs, bed bug foggers as well as chemicals for bought from brick and mortar stores is not a wise decision.

Bed bug bombs and foggers miss the bottom of furniture like in this photo.
Bed bug bombs and foggers miss the bottom of furniture where hide like this photo.

Why are bombs and foggers bad for getting rid of your bed bugs, even if they say they are for bed bugs?

Why are bed bug chemicals bought from local chain stores a bad idea?

Answer: The two questions above are related to products that contains repellents. What are repellents? Repellents are an active ingredient used in chemicals to scare insects or pests away, to block from area and so on. It’s all in the name REPEL! Sure that sounds great! You say, I’ll just push them out of my bed or room, but you’d only be making matters worse for yourself if you use repellents. Most will remain close to each other but if repellents are introduced into an environment it causes them to scatter to individual places in a home causing the elimination of the bed bug infestation to be near impossible without professional help. That professional help without a doubt will now be more expensive to complete, than if you had just immediately called a bed bug specialist or pest management for to take care of the bed bug infestation for you.

Bed bugs and eggs in cracks and crevices are often overlooked and always missed by bombs and foggers.
and eggs in cracks and crevices are often overlooked and always missed by bombs and foggers.

What are pyrithroids?…

With the acceptation of organic bed bug sprays, most chemicals for found in brick and mortar stores, will be a classification of known as pyrithroids. These are a class of man made insecticides that are far outdated when it comes to their effectiveness against bed bugs. Bed bugs have become resistant to this entire class of chemicals. Some chemicals in this class are better than others when it comes to whether they actually can still kill the bugs or not, when it’s in its wet form. Once pyrithroids are dry they will be ineffective at killing bed bugs. They will know it’s there because they can detect the repellents. Humans designed repellents to work this way. Since bed bugs only hang out inside of structures repellents (generally pyrithroids) are a terrible choice to use to eliminate your infestation. You cannot successfully repel bed bugs that already inhabit your structure.

99% of you fail without training or professional help…

Trying to save yourself money at first with bed bug infestations will normally end up costing you more in the long run. 99% of normal citizens who have no training in will fail to get rid of their bed bugs. The other ones percent either had some professional guidance of some sort or more likely they caught the infestation extremely early and the bed bug infestation was small in numbers. It is much easier to eliminate an infestation of that has just started. Established infestations are much harder to destroy. This is the case for any type of pest, not just bed bugs. Catching a bed bug infestation early in most cases will be pure luck. Even the most hardened of individuals when it comes to cleaning and inspecting for them, can miss bed bugs early into an infestation. At this point, the bed bugs are only a hand full of bed bugs which is extremely low in numbers. The newer and fewer, the bed bugs, the harder they are to locate.

Destroy every last bed bug and their eggs in 6-8 hours with a heat bed bug treatment from Dead Bug Walkin LLC.
Destroy every last bed bug and their eggs in 6-8 hours with a from LLC.


Bombs, foggers and repellent insecticides used for will cause your infestation to spread to areas and belongings of your home that you never thought possible. All bombs and foggers for bed bugs fail everytime they are used. We have never once seen bombs or foggers set off where the end result was complete destruction of an entire population of bed bugs. It’s always actually the complete opposite. Pyrithroid chemicals can cause just as much spreading as bombs and foggers. Bed bugs are resistant to pyrithroids. Most bombs and foggers are also pyrithroids. These products are completely ineffective once dry, and rarely completely even in wet form. Some will be somewhat more effective than others but still unsatisfactory.

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