Dead Bug Walkin LLC Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists

Bed Bug Treatment With Heat + Chemical For Individual Room(s):

Bed bug treatment with heat and chemical

-“We are the only Pest Management Company in Oklahoma that offers bed bug treatments for individual rooms.”

-To the best of our knowledge through research & several years of experience, all other reputable Pest Management Companies in N.E. Oklahoma, do require your entire home or business to be treated whether you want it or not. No matter what type of Bed Bug Extermination you choose other companies will require you to have your whole home or business treated for bed bugs even when it’s not feasible.

-Although we do not give warranties for any individual room or rooms for our Bed Bug Pest Control, we do guarantee all our services regardless. That’s how confident we are in our Pest Management For Bed Bugs process.

Bed Bug Treatment With Heat + Chemical For Whole Home Or Business:

Bed Bug Treatment With Heat and Chemical

*Now offering a Preventative Bed Bug Plan For Lifetime and a Warranty Extension up to 1 year, when servicing whole structures with Heat & Chemical For Bed Bugs. (Ask us how).

-Starting price of $900 is for a one bedroom home, apartment or unit depending on square footage.

-Studio apartments, units or cabins start at $750 depending on square footage.

-Prices for Heat & Chemical Bed Bug Treatments are based off both the number of rooms & square footage, when servicing an entire structure for a bed bug infestation.

Chemical Free Bed Bug Treatment For Individual Rooms:

Heat bed bug treatment


Great for families wanting a Chemical Free Bed Bug Treatment process.


Without a non repellant chemical residual put down there’s no protection for after a heat remediation treatment. Immediately following bed bug heat is when you are most vulnerable to bed bugs being brought back into the structure.

Bed Bug Treatment With Chemical Only:

Chemical bed bug treatment

Bed Bug Treatment For Vehicle With Chemical:

Vehicle bed bug treatment