Our heat remediation eliminates every bed bug and egg at 150 degrees in 1 day, Guaranteed!

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Our service area is the orange colored counties.
Our service area is the orange colored counties.

Heat treatment exterminator to quickly …

Have you realized recently that bed bugs have invaded your space? Consider getting a treatment performed in your home to wipe out every single bed bug and egg in hours. Other processes of exterminating bed bugs involve hunting the six legged vampire bug down one at a time. Methods, that do not use heat throughout the house, are only effective if you find and then treat all areas of the home or business, multiple times. This usually fails because it is extremely hard to find every bed bug or egg hidden in a residence or business being treated for a bed bug treatment. They are often found in cracks and crevices both in walls/ ceilings and in furniture, sockets, slats on the walls up and down where things come together, and other less obvious places, so the problem will never be solved with a single insecticide or any other bed bug treatment that does not involve for an entire infested structure.

to 150 degrees…

Applying heat to bedbugs at 150 degrees F. throughout your infested structure creates temperatures that bedbugs cannot live through, eliminating bed bugs and eggs you cannot even see. Our remediation heat is strong enough to penetrate every square inch of your home or business while maintaining 150 degrees F., including inside your cracks, crevices and furniture. There’s nowhere for bedbugs to hide after starting the heat treatment as long as you have followed our simple preparation list, they will not live past 30 seconds. We also go over the entire treatment prep list with you during our initial inspection. We go with you from room to room explaining what you will be preparing and removing from the area while we heat treat and apply safe and biological insecticides. Any items or fabrics removed from your infested home will be put through a different process to kill any beds bugs or eggs possibly on these items. Never remove items from an infested place without first learning our process to kill any bed bug activity that may be on those items. Simply removing items from your home but not properly treating them will always undermine our entire process. We go over all of this during your bed bug inspection to insure your comfortable with the entire prepping process and that you completely understand exactly what we be doing and your part in all of it. We even have a proven process to protect your home or business for 60 days, after your heat and chemical has been completed.
You can extend your 60 day warranty that comes free with whole home treatments, every 60 days if you’d like too. It’s just another way we protect our clients from reinfeststion.

Bed bug
Bed bug.

Get rid of bed bugs in 1 day…

We kill bedbugs in one day, not in a few days, weeks or months like all other bedbug treatments, including chemical bed bug insecticides.
Even with a heat treatment taking several hours to complete in one day, it will still save you time in the long run and will be cheaper in the end with a majority of cases. It takes hours treating each piece of furniture, like beds, couches, chairs, dressers, etc. to locate these masters of hiding called bed bugs no matter what you’re of treatment, even if it does utilize heat remediation. With bed bug extermination that doesn’t utilize you can spend hours, if not days, drying and washing every piece of bedding, clothes and prepping other items, or potentially just throwing things away each time a treatment appointment is needed. Typically, treatments for bedbugs that don’t use whole-home heat require a minimum of 3-4 treatments, (visits) before the bedbug population is completely gone. In some bed bug infestations that don’t utilize heat remediation even more than 3-4 treatment appointments may be needed depending on the size of the infestations population. The level of the infestation and the things the owner has done to try to eliminate the bed bugs themselves will all play a role in the amount of treatment actually needed if heat isn’t being used. With bed bug heat, you can be sure that one treatment, the first time, is all that is needed to get rid of bed bugs for good. You don’t have to spend countless hours searching your home trying to locate bed bugs on your beds, couches, chairs and walls. With our specialists, you can trust Dead Bug Walkin LLC to get the job done right the first time. Bed bug services in Northeast Oklahoma are all we currently do! You get bed bug specialists from your first phone call to us, to the actual treatment itself. We only use pro’s for every part of or bed bug extermination process.
Don’t waste time on ineffective treatments, call Dead Bug Walkin LLC Heat Treatment Specialists for that’s a proven one-time treatment.

, Our heat remediation eliminates every bed bug and egg at 150 degrees in 1 day, Guaranteed!, Dead Bug Walkin LLC
Conduits pushing clean dry heat from bed bug heaters into our clients home.


With all types besides whole home you end up paying every time pest control companies return to service your home or business. While their initial cost may be much lower, repeated treatments add up over time. These costs added up overtime usually end up costing the same amount or even more than if you had just received a heat treatment for bed bugs in the first place, instead of trying to save money with a spray and pray treatment for bed bugs.
With heat for bed bugs, immediate complete kill results are seen in one treatment, eliminating the need for additional treatments and that saves you money. You won’t have to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to replace furniture and personal items that you might have otherwise thrown away due to the infestation. Don’t throw them away just because there are bed bug populations on items, it will end up being another cost that will come out of your pocket. We can kill bedbugs and eggs on furniture, sofas and beds as easily as the rest of the house or business.

Don’t throw away furniture…

Save money and don’t throw away expensive furniture or items for replacement.
https: // bedbugheatspecialists .com ~ (Dead Bug Walkin LLC) will always save our customers as much money and sanity as possible, going above and beyond to make your home or business a comfortable and clean place of peace for you / your family members / guests or employees just like before your bed bug nightmare began. Everywhere we apply our heat treatment will also be sterilized by the high temps.This means that all bacteria / germs / viruses and all body fluids of bedbugs , parts, themselves and anything else are completely sterile after we apply the treatment. Mold and mildew are also killed during our bed bug heat extermination. What a bonus! You don’t get any of these bonuses with any other type of bed bug extermination.With viruses like COVID-19 being a huge problem in 2020-2021, to use a heat treatment for bed bugs instead of chemicals only/ steam / cold or fumigation is a smart move to protect your family from yet another threat.

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