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Heat remediation. Heat remediation treatment service for bed bugs with outside view of our equipment.Heat Remediation. Heat remediation treatment service for bed bugs with outside view of our equipment.


Bed Bug Pest Control Services We Provide Tulsa OK/ N.E. OK:

The pest control services we provide are bed bug treatments/ bed bug heat treatments/ bed bug chemical treatments/ both a bed bug heat treatment & a bed bug chemical treatment used together to create the ultimate way to kill bed bugs. Our services are also called bed bug heat for short.

We’re referred to as bed bug heat specialists. Pest control for bed bugs in homes and businesses. Heat remediation bed bug treatment, (heating entire structures). Tulsa OK Metro bed bug treatment specialists.

Our bed bug treatment service kills every bed bug in 6-8 hours with both a bed bug heat treatment and a bed bug chemical treatment all in one appointment. Free 90 day warranty included. Starting treatment costs at $400. Free estimates by phone.

Servicing Tulsa OK and the surrounding towns of Northeast Oklahoma.


Whole Home Bed Bug Heat:

Dead Bug Walkin LLC is who to call for the most thorough bed bug chemical treatments, bed bug heat treatments or both bed bug heat/chemical treatments in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Skiatook, Oklahoma, all the Tulsa Metro area and most surrounding towns in Northeast Oklahoma.

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Who uses our pest control for bed bugs:

 We never use a clients name or tell a neighbor what we’re doing, our bed bug service is kept confidential!

  • *STATE OF OKLAHOMA (Government run facilities) (Departments kept confidential)
  •  *CITY OF SAND SPRINGS (City run facilities) (Departments kept confidential)

***Oh theres even more but we’re sure you get the jist.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Remediation In Progress. Bed bug heat treatment remediation pictured.[/caption]

“Over 2,530 successful Bed Bug Heat Treatment Services & Bed Bug Chemical Treatment Services in the Tulsa / Northeast Oklahoma Area and Counting!”

Bed Bug heat treatment specialists and pest control

 ~We are a family owned bed bug specialist pest control company based out of Skiatook, OK.~

Northeast Oklahoma Areas We Service For Bed Bugs:

Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bartlesville,

Skiatook, Collinsville, Owasso,

Sand Springs, Glenpool, Sapulpa,

Catoosa, Jenks, Bixby, Muskogee

and many, many other Northeastern towns of Oklahoma.

~If your town was not listed just ask us!

 ~We service a majority of North Eastern Oklahoma.

Dead Bug Walkin LLC Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists and Pest Control

Bed Bug Services We Specialize In:

We specialize in pressurized bed bug heat remediation treatments, (heating entire structures NOT a steam heat treatment). What is a Bed Bug Heat Treatment? Our heat treatments kill every bed bug and their eggs in just 8 hours. Guaranteed. Plus we specialize in non repellent chemical bed bug treatments. Chemical bed bug treatments explained. (What to expect from a chemical only bed bug treatment).

A chemical residual added to a bed bug heat treatment is important because it is your only protection against any bed bugs that may be brought into the home after the heat treatment has been performed. Directly after a heat remediation treatment clients are at their most vulnerable stage of the whole process. Family members, friends and the owner are normally who brings bed bugs back into a structure after a bed bug treatment. This is why a chemical residual is an extremely smart added benefit to a bed bug heat treatment.

View from outside a home being heat treated for bed bugs. Outside view of a Heat Bed Bug Treatment Service[/caption]


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What We Strive For As Bed Bug Exterminators:

As a family company, we strive to make your experience with us an exceptional one while providing you with the information you need to keep your home completely pest free after we service your home or business. If you have bed bugs we can show you protocol to keep from getting bed bugs ever again. It’s a proven method that our employees use themselves year after year without incident.

What To Expect From Our Bed Bug Service:

We are not hear to just make a profit for any type of service, we want to help you understand exactly what your up against, what we can do about it right now and how to keep it from happening again. We sincerely care about families, because we are a family ourselves. We think and see everything from a families perspective instead of a corporate perspective where your just another number in a long line of numbers. Why Choose Dead Bug Walkin For A Bed Bug Treatment

Who is Dead Bug Walkin LLC?

User generated data from Google reviewsGoogle Review| Actual DBW Customer

Why Our Heat Remediation:

This company was started to give families and businesses top notch, extremely extensive service at a low price. We strive to eliminate pests in a discrete and surprisingly quick manner. For example our bed bug heat and chemical treatments are complete and over with in one day. There’s no continuing to live with bed bugs while you wait for your 2nd, 3rd or even more appointments like alot of other pest control companies will do to you just to stretch every dollar out of you before you say enough is enough.

Here’s what actual bed bugs look like:

Bed bug infestation. All life stages of the bed bug are present. Bed bug infestation. All life stages of the bed bug are present.[/caption]

Bed bug life stages from egg to adult pictured above.

Instar or baby bed bug with thumb for scale Instar or baby bed bug with thumb used for scale[/caption]

An unfed newborn instar, “baby bed bug” pictured above. They are so tiny and transparent in color, that unless you have a magnifying glass they can go unseen until they feed and grow to a bigger life cycle.

“Instar” AKA “Baby Bed Bug” after a blood feeding.

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