How to find the best bed bug treatment

We are Oklahoma’s #1 bed bug heat treatment service pest control company. During our bed bug services over many years we have gained lots of knowledge doing those services. We then pass that knowledge onto you in short articles, like this one, for you to read. This article will be explaining how to find the best bed bug treatment.

Sifting thru all the online information about bed bugs…

There’s so much information on the internet about bed bug heat treatments & chemical bed bug treatments that it can make a home or business owner’s head spin. Having so much information about bed bugs and bed bug treatments online would be great except for the fact that about half of the information on the internet is crap. Inexperienced individuals with bed bug infestations are left to sift through all of the half truths and full truths regarding bed bug services, bed bug treatments and bed bug chemicals. You can even throw a bed bug heat treatment onto that pile. As far as for pest professionals writing articles there’s a lot of promoting of their services and putting down their competitors services. An example would be a company using chemicals only bed bug treatments telling you that heat treatments do not work or visa versa. When in reality the two treatments “chemical insecticide treatments ” and “heat remediation treatments” are best used together instead of apart. Using them together provides immediate death for all bed bug activity present in the home when the heat remediation treatment is done, then the non-repellent chemical residual treatment will protect your home from re-entry of any bed bugs.

Bed bug on couch in Sand Springs OK.
Bed bug on couch in Sand Springs OK.

Never go with the 1st bed bug specialist you contact…

As you can see the internet can be a scary place because of all that misinformation. We’ve seen people spend thousands of dollars, before finding us, all because they read a misleading blog post online. Those little half truths could end up costing you yourself money if you do not choose the correct individual pest management for bed bugs professional, pest control for bed bugs company or do it yourself bed bug treatment to use or follow. It’s extremely important to never just go with the first company you contact. Speak with several exterminators, “at least 3-4”, before deciding on a bed bug treatment service provider for your home or business. While vetting a highly rated pest control company they should be able to answer basic questions without contradicting themselves. If you start noticing contradictions you know you’ve got a trying to sell you a bed bug treatment service. Great PC pros will be nice, understanding and full of information bombs. If they are not dropping information overload on you then the supposed pro will probably not be a good fit for your family. The information should be given either over the phone or in person during the inspection. If no inspection is required before a treatment for bed bugs from a company then they are just in it for the money. Inspections tell a specialist for bed bugs exactly what’s going on and how they should approach the situation. Every home or business that becomes infested with bed bugs needs a different approach for success. Why is this, because people live differently. The home does matter somewhat to a p.m.p., but knowing humans habits are what makes a successful service .

Never use the 1st do-it-yourself bed bug treatment you see…

If you have decided to do a bed bug treatment yourself you will never go with the 1st do-it-yourself bed bug treatment to do list or instructions. Read up 3-4 articles as well. Getting as much education about bed bugs as you can will help you to be successful in the end. Just know that doing your own bed bug treatment is not a one and done thing. It will take you several attempts to kill bed bugs and their eggs. For professionals doing a chemical bed bug service it takes anywhere from 3-4 appointments or treatments to eliminate the infestation. For a layman with no experience what so ever you could be looking at 6-7 attempts. Each attempt would be spread 2 weeks apart. Prep work would need to stay stored outside of your home or business during the entire time, until the bed bug activity has ceased for at least one month. We have tons of info about do it yourself bed bug treatments right here at Dead Bug Walkin LLC’s educational articles. Click here to see a list of our articles.

Kill your bed bugs in just one bed bug heat treatment service…

We can kill all of your bed bug activity in your home or business in just one day when we use heat remediation. Heat remediation is when a structure and all it’s contents, minus items that may be damaged or dangerous, are sealed off and heat is applied to the entire area for no less than 1-2 hours. This type of bed bug treatment requires large heaters to reach the required kill temperatures needed. The heaters will be electric, propane, diesel or kerosene. Many expensive high temp fans circulate the clean dry heat around the area being treated for bed bugs. We then apply a non-repellent chemical residual (spray) to furniture, your home and some decorative items. Our non-repellent chemical will protect for up to 3 months. We even have a free 90 day warranty that comes with our whole home heat packages. You can extend that warranty every 3 months by having us come back and reapply our chemical again every 3 months. The bed bug treatment warranty can be extended for up to one year from the day of your initial (1st) service appointment.

Heat remediation treatment service for bed bugs. Servicing Tulsa OK metro areas.
Heat remediation treatment service for bed bugs. Servicing Tulsa OK metro areas.

Our contact info…

Call or text message us at 918-710-7529 for bed bug inspections, chemical treatments and heat remediation treatments. Any questions or calls are answered by one of our bed bug specialists only. You do not get any secretary’s around here.

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