Where your bed bugs may have come from.

18402981_420336698338712_1930962640689770367_n Dead Bug Walkin’ LLC is the very best when it comes to pest control, especially bed bug heat and chemical treatments, in the Tulsa Metro Area and Northeast Oklahoma. DBW has many years of experience getting rid of bed bugs and their eggs, with heat and chemical treatments. With bed bug infestations on the rise across the world, you can be sure that you or someone close to you will come into contact with bed bugs in some way. That being a said, most infestations come from friends and relatives close to you and visa-versa. After you have found that you have bed bugs in your home and have eradicated them, your chance for re-infestation from those friends and relatives close to you, increases in percentage. As part of our bed bug treatments we teach you ways to keep your home from being re-infested by these little blood suckers. Family and friends are not the only way you can get bed bugs but is the most likely culprit. You can get bed bugs in any structure where people are coming and going. Stores, work, doctors offices, movie theaters and public transportation are just some of the ways you can transport bed bugs with you unknowingly back home or to a business. DBW has a proven way to protect you after you’ve been treated with a regimen and products that continue to work long after a bed bug treatment.

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